17 July 2012

A Mother's Love Give-away Contest

     Good education track. Career. Work reputation. Smooth-sailing marriage. If you have all these, what more could you ask for? I am one lucky woman to have all these blessings. I was also taking up my basic schooling and my grades were fine (high actually). I have my demanding work yet I manage to balance everything and even have the luxury of time to be with my husband from time to time (lucky for us since we both are in the service). Everything was like a routine....but one day, a big change happened. What was it? Or WHO was it? Well, it was my little ECHO...
     As they always say, motherhood equates to a lot of happy moments with baby but it also entails a lot of sacrifices. I did not know that I will be "sacrificing" earlier than expected. To cut the story short, I got deferred from my schooling, gave up my position, got transferred to area (province) and left the metro. At first, it was really hard for me to leave everything. I mean, hey, this has been my life since I graduated from the academy. I love being workaholic. I love my job. But I think the mother's instinct in me grew stronger as the baby inside of me also grows. 
     Well, so I got assigned in the area. Surprisingly, I found out that it was better staying near my hometown and city while waiting for my baby to arrive. Besides, it is where my support system is located. Here comes July 8, 2011. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Marco Quintin aka ECHO. I got teary-eyed when the doctor brought him near to me. It was all worth it. As I see my son grow each day, I just sigh and tell my self, "If I will be given the chance to go back to the past, I do not regret leaving the limelight for him." 
     And since my son Echo just turned one (1) last July 8, 2012, I would like to have a thanksgiving give-away contest in cooperation with one of my favorite baby brands, CHICCO. For the past year, Chicco has been part of my journey as a mother. As a mom, it is my priority to find products that will suit my baby's needs and will also help me out to get my mommy jobs done in a faster pace. Thanks to Chicco for its wonderful products! 
photo courtesy of www.google.com.ph
     Personally, I bought a Chicco Electric Steam Sterilizer and Chicco toiletries such as mosquito repellant and baby soap. Chicco Electric Steam Sterilizer sterilizes Echo's feeding bottles in just about 15 minutes. I was not afraid to just tend on Echo while waiting for his feeding bottles to be sterilized. It was easy to clean up as well so having it was really a big help. Chicco baby soap on the other hand is made out of mild ingredients suitable for babies. It also prevents rashes in a way. Meanwhile, Chicco mosquito repellant makes Echo free from any mosquito bites. It also has a mild smell which is very important for babies/toddlers. In addition with this, a very close mommy friend of mine who also owns the blogsite Moomy Musings and happens to be a godmother of Echo also gave my son a Chicco soother. This helped me in having a little more time in preparing Echo's milk and preventing him to have gas pain as well.

     So, if Chicco worked and still works for me and for my son, I bet it will work for you as well! Come join my very first blog give-away contest. This promo runs from 170000H July up to 03 0001H August 2012. Join now and be a Chicco user! For you to have a glimpse of what you may get, hereunder are the items to be given away!!
This is the Chicco Easy Meal Plate and Bowl plus the Apple and Banana Toothpaste
for Kids. This package will help our kids have a more interesting and fun meal-time
and at the same time maintain their healthy teeth and gums by emphasizing them the importance
of brushing their teeth every after meal. 
A perfect combination of Baby Foam Bar and Sun screen to protect our babies
from harmful sun rays and even frequent change of weather. Thanks for Chicco's innovations!
As a mom, we see to it that the development of our babies is just right on time.
The Practical Growth Guide is just so perfect for this. Likewise, the Rainbow Mini Camera
is perfect for toddlers as they grow more observant and curious. Have a happy camera day
for our kids!!!

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