27 July 2012

A Junior Officer's Prayer

God I thank You for the opportunity to serve my countrymen and nation.
For the logic, knowledge and skills You lent me that I use in my everyday work.
For the heart to listen to what my men has to say.
As I come to You Lord, I humbly ask...
That I may use everything you have given me in doing what is only right.
That I may preserve humility despite the accolades You have bestowed upon me.
That I may only follow the legal orders even my own career will be at stake.
That I may only idolize people around me who really contribute to the betterment of the service and follow what You are asking us to do...serve in accordance to Your will.
That I may stay upright and never dwindle.
That as I climb up the ladder of ranks, I will never be a power-tripper leader.
And that I learn and master the art of balancing my family and profession.
May You keep me safe and my comrades dear Lord.
May You forgive me on my shortcomings as Your daughter.
In Jesus name I pray...