16 May 2012

Mother's Day 2012

     2010 was a very special year for me as the year opened its doors with a wedding blast last January 28, 2010. It was also the first year when my ex-boyfriend (now my husband) celebrated our birthdays as married couple. November 2010 turned out to be the one of the happiest days for us after learning that I was pregnant. This was subsequently followed by our garden wedding last December 2010. Alongside, it was also our first holidays as husband and wife.
   I think 2011 was even happier when our son Marco Quintin "Echo" Fernandez was born last July 2011. As my husband has said, having Echo with us made our lives complete and more meaningful. 2011 was my first birthday year to have Echo with me. This is the same for my husband.

   2012 is another meaningful year (thank God for all the blessings He brings each year). January was the first New Year as a family, February as first valentines and just recently, last May 13, 2012 was the first official Mothers Day for me. Since I was the duty officer for the past two days, I wasn't able to go home and spend that special day with Echo nor my husband. Nevertheless, the greetings and love sent through this modern age of communication made me feel how special that day was. So to fill my day, I just joined the very first "Lifesavers Run" sponsored by the Philippine Navy in cooperation with Yes Pinoy and other  private and public sectors. Below are some of the photos taken.

Front View of the Singlet
Soldier Mom's Corner
Back View of the Singlet
Soldier Mom's Corner
Philippine Marine Corps Grandstand
At PMC Grandstand while waiting for the others who ran
Designated Dressing/Changing Area
Baggage Area. This area was manned by Navy personnel.
Certificate and Loot bags Redemption Area
The Philippine Navy took the advantage to show off some of their assets.
Vehicles of NAVSOG and PN Fire team.
My first marathon after giving birth. More to come.
My colleagues/running mates.(Left: Grace, Right: Ann)
Showcasing our loot bags.
Another photo-ops with my running mates. (Grace, Me, Jace and Neil. Ann took the picture)
 The loot bag contains the following: Athena Milk, 100 plus energy drink, fit n right, select soy sauce, TV 5 pin and fan (they ran out of shirt) and magazine.

   Technically, that day became a "Mothers Day Run". It was a nice way to celebrate that day but of course for next year, I am looking forward to celebrate it with my family. 

    To all mothers out there, belated HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!