03 January 2012

OPAPP Peace Advocacy

   2011 was the year of learning for me as a person. It was the year when I became a mother, a blogger and a certified peace and human rights advocate. Just last December 3 to December 4, 2011, I attended an event. which highlighted the need for peace and a leadership anchored with human rights (Youth Jam on Human Rights 2011). 
   I am exactly aware of my rights as a person but when I became a mom last July 8, 2011, my emphasis as my baby grows up is for him to live in a world where he is safe and that his rights are protected. That is why for this year, as a Filipino citizen and an advocate of peace and human rights, I am pledging that I will continue what I have started last year. I will be more active in the different programs initiated by the government and other non-government organizations and particularly help in the peace advocacy of OPAPP by being a good exemplar to my men (since I am a soldier mom). Leadership by example is important. Every person can share in a small way. Just by maintaining peace within our homes, we are already contributing to the world.