23 September 2013

One Minute Prayer

Years back when I was still a cadet, I wrote an article bearing the same title as this blog post :"One Minute Prayer." The content behind that article was my late mistah, Cadet First Class Reenan Ferrer. It was a post written out of sadness and feeling of loss of a good friend and brother. Reenan suffered from Meningitis which eventually led to respiratory infection.

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Last week, September 19, was another heartbraking day for our Class. Another life turned to dust as my mistah, 1LT Kristopher John Rama PA died defending peace in Zamboanga City.


It makes me swollen with pride to hear success stories of my classmates who are deployed in far flung areas in the country combating insurgency and contributing to the peace of our motherland. It also makes me proud how the Filipino people are now being enlightened to the current situation in the country and not easily being affected by the various propaganda. The Filipinos now are wiser.


"It is not everyday that we are snappy." That is my motto when I became an active officer of the AFP. Not all ideas may be accepted but keep sharing; not all operations will easily be won but keep going; and, the saddest part, not all soldiers (officers and enlisted personnel) that will be sent to battle will come back alive but for the ones left, keep on fighting.

Mistah, bok...you will be remembered.
To all my fallen mistahs who have sacrificed their lives for the Filipinos to be safe, 2LT Domingo PA, 2LT Quibuyen, 2LT Tutanes and now 1LT Rama, may your souls find happiness.