19 June 2012

Take a Break at Enchanted Kindom

     "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." In the military, we work 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Admittedly, in my experience, I tend to be engrossed with what I do and sometimes neglect my social life
     Since the month of May marks the end of summer, our office decided to have a break and unwind. Most often than not, when we hear of summer outing, beaches and pools are what automatically enters our minds. Well, we wanted to be different. We wanted actually to feel young again so we opted to have a visit at Enchanted Kingdom. 
Vehicle Inspection Area
     We decided to proceed to our precious destination after lunch, which was about 1:30 in the afternoon. It just took us about 30-40 minutes and voila! Here we are EK!
My 4+1 EK Ticket
     Since we are technically government employees, we were able to avail Enchanted Kingdom's (EK) promo: the 4+1 group package. With this, we were able to purchase our Sunday ticket at Php400.00 each (Php2000.00 per package).
     This was really a good deal. Using my government identification card, I was able to purchase two packages (in a day, we are allowed to purchase up to two packages). We were about 12 in the group so I got two 4+1 package and two regular Sunday pass. And take note, it is a ride-all-you-can ticket already.
     Looking back on my highschool days, when it was my first time visiting EK, I wasn't able to ride everything because of the number of people piling up for the various rides. As I remember it right, I was able to ride the carousel, the caterpillar and the  Wheel of Fate. Well, I was also able to experience Rialto and Bump Car.
     Well, same as before, I still wasn't able to ride everything for one major reason: LONG LINE! Nevertheless, I still maximized my stay at EK. Here are some of the photos taken during our Office Outing:
Getting our EK Tickets
Paying for the tickets. (just for the record, any organization may be able to EXCLUSIVELY rent the park)
My super cool mistah Conrad (right most) with his wife Czar (right beside him) and his brother-in-law and mother-in-law
My not so solo picture with the wizard ;)
My girls ^_^
My favorite (From the left: Mommy Mindz our civilian supervisor, Gladys, She, Val, Jess, Conrad and Me)

Meanwhile, here are some of the photos taken when we were already in action (rides mode..feeling young).

The picture at the left side was a scene taken while we were waiting for our turn to take a ride. It was our first ride actually and I even forgot its name.

Val (at my right) and I preparing 
From the Left: Val, Me and Gladys (who is not yet prepared)
Super smiles before reaching the peak of the tower
As we slowly went up.... @_@
Reaching the peak... (too bad we weren't able to get a video of how fast we fell down..)

At the Jungle post ^_^
Me, Gladys and Kuya Mac waiting for our turn at the Jungle Log Jam 
This was after the first splash... (Note: if you would like to ride on this, you must prepare extra clothes)
This was in preparation for our second splash..preparing to get wet!!! This actually brought goose bumps and almost cut my throat after my cymbals-like scream....
Hold Tight!!!!! AAAAhhhhh!!!!!!
After that breath-taking rides, we got hungry...super hungry! 

     There are still a lot of photos taken but I think it is better if you yourselves will experience the fun. Meanwhile, here are some tips that you may consider when going to Enchanted Kingdom:
1. EK opens at 11:00 A.M during weekends. It is better if you will be there early. 
2. If you are planning to bring food, you might as well reconsider it since FOOD IS NOT ALLOWED in EK. (Note: Food at EK is a bit pricey.)
3. If you just came from a surgery, pregnant, has a weak hear/back/neck or blood pressure, I advise you not to purchase ride all you can ticket since you will not be allowed to take the rides anyway.
4. Bring extra clothes.
5. For those who have babies, they do not allow strollers inside the park since they have strollers for rent.
6. Umbrella is a must (whether its summer or rainy season).
7. Keep your eyes on your kids...the park is so amusing they might get lost.
     Have a happy Enchanted Kingdom experience!!!!