07 February 2012

Healthy Treats from HEALTHY OPTIONS

     Healthy Options is one of the leading stores when it comes to catering health products. As part of their marketing scheme and as a sense of gratitude to their consumers and clients, the Healthy Options introduced their “Healthy Me” online promo in Facebook. 
     Luckily, I was informed that I was one of the lucky winners. I won the Healthy Me “healthy Mind” category.
       Together with my close friend Mommy Glaiza Garcia Tominio, I opted to have a quick trip to Healthy Options main Office in Libis, Quezon City last January 24, 2012. I was able to claim my Five Thousand Pesos (Php 5000.00) worth of gift cards and a bag of goodies. Since I won the category under the healthy mind, I got products that enhances the human brain’s capacity to work. This includes: ACAI Amazon Berry, CADIA All Natural Whole Grain Cereal (suites me well since I am a cereal lover), TEECINO Mediterranean Herbal Coffee made of Vanilla Nut ( this is accented by golden roasted almonds, dates and figs…just right for a coffee-addict like me), ST DALFOUR Wild Blueberry fruit spread (I think I may also consume it bare..lol),  HEALTHY OPTIONS natural supplement “Brain Support Softgels” (for a workaholic like me, this will keep my brain working), CADIA solid white albacore and CADIA chunk light tongol Tuna (a good combination for my favorite crackers), NEWMAN’s OWN crème filled mint chocolate cookies (perfect match for the coffee!), Bob’s RED MILL whole almonds (which I may use for my blueberry cheesecake recipe), SAHALE Snacks Glazed Almond Nuts (the almond nuts are also coated with cranberries, honey and sea salt), OLIVE OIL potato chips (ooops, of course it contains zero grams transfat) and THE REPUBLIC OF TEA Get Smart herb tea for memory/focus.

     Since as a uniformed woman, I really don’t own my time, I also took advantage of  spending my gift cards during that quick trip. Glaiza and I went directly to Shangri-la branch of Healthy Options where I was able to purchase a lot of items of course. I also learned that with a minimum purchase of Two Thousand Pesos (Php 2000.00), I may already avail for a Healthy Options membership card (lifetime membership). 

     So what are you waiting for? Live healthy! Live healthy with Healthy Options! 

Note: I was supposed to post some pictures of the items I got for free and the items I purchased but I think I misplaced the photos!Anyway, hope you got some ideas on what to purchase in Healthy Options :)